Ceramic structural parts is a general term of various complicate shapes of ceramic parts。 

        Be made of high-purity ceramic raw materials, formed by dry pressing or cold isostatic pressing, high-temperature sintering and precision machining, the ceramic structural parts we manufacture has many features like high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and insulation. 

        It is widely used in semiconductor equipment, optical communication, laser, medical equipment, petroleum, metallurgy, electronics etc。

        On the right are some of our ceramic structural parts, we can also customize according to your drawings or samples。

Product List

  • Structure Parts
  • silicon nitride ceramic seal ring
  • ceramic bearing
  • Structural Parts
  • Structure Part
  • Structure Parts
  • Alumina Insulated Plate
  • Laser Welding Parts
  • Ceramic Pin
  • 4
  • 10
  • Discharge Chamber
  • Structural Parts
  • 8
  • Fixture Ceramic Cover Plate
  • 5
  • Shelter Parts
  • 3

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